Predictive Index

Predictive Index Behavior Assessment ("PI") is based on 100 years of core drivers of human behavior and measures a candidate's behavior characteristics such as dominance, extraversion, patience and formality.  The PI is used by most agencies at the State of Arizona as part of the new hire recruitment process to assess the candidate needs and motivations.  This allows the agency to select employees with the behavior traits (called "Reference Profiles") that will help them succeed in their position and within the workplace environment. The PI is also useful in team-building, employee engagement/relations, succession planning and can help to build and enhance emotional intelligence.

  • PI Overview
  • Manager's Guide to Reference Profiles
  • Log into PI
  • PI Cognitive Assessments
    • This assessment is sometimes provided to applicants to measure learning ability and velocity.  It can determine if the applicant prefers a variety of tasks or consistent tasks; what their learning style is; how they make decisions and how quickly they can arrive at answers. Similar to the behavioral assessment, it is not a scored test, and a higher score is not better than an average or low score.
  • PI Job Models
    • Job Models can be created within the PI software and are used to determine which behavior characteristics are best suited for a particular job.  Job Models are created prior to the recruitment of a position to determine the behavior characteristics best suited for a particular job.  This allows the recruiter/hiring manager to compare the behavior assessments of the top candidates against the Job Model to determine which candidate has the behavior to perform best in that position.
  • Workshops for PI Training
    • Workshops are available to attend at the discretion of agency leaders for agency HR Professionals who wish to learn more about Predictive Index assessments and the various tools available in the Predictive Index software.  In the workshops, you'll learn:
    • 1/2 Day Workshop Key Deliverables:
      • Reveal a better understanding of yourself; your strengths, needs, communication and decision-making styles, and motivators.  Learn how those behaviors show up at work, and how to better leverage those strengths/behaviors.
      • Fundamental understanding of PI data; how to interpret and apply that data to effectively engage, communicate and coach others.
      • Increased capability via a critical mass of people using, practicing, and speaking the language of PI together.
    • 2 Day Certified Practitioner Key Deliverables: 
      • Know yourself, understand others and be a more effective leader by applying PI data and capabilities across the entire employment spectrum.
      • Deep expertise in understanding and applying PI data across the entire suite of tools—creating job assessments, hiring, job fit-gap analysis, coaching, engaging & motivating, team dynamics, managing change, individual and team communication dynamics, performance management, development and succession, and strategic applications of the data.
      • Access to the PI system to send PI Assessments, build job assessments, run reports, and conduct analysis.