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Communities of Practice

The State’s Communities of Practice (COPs) are think tanks focused on various HR disciplines and comprise HR professionals with various levels of experience and tenure. Members bring both public and private sector perspectives and learn from each other to solve challenging, real world, HR-related issues. COPs range in size from 10 to more than 50 members and provide enterprise solutions to more than 100 agencies, boards and commissions. Membership is at the discretion of the State’s Chief HR Officers.

These think tanks are commissioned to research challenging HR-related issues and propose, deploy, and advocate adoption of best practices across the state enterprise.  COP members work to break down silos through networking and collaboration across agencies and divisions to provide viable solutions.  These efforts develop HR professionals’ skills in ethical practice, consulting, business acumen, communication, and they enhance practitioner knowledge in alignment with the State’s HR competencies.  Please note the COP development was not a People Solutions project, however we wanted to share this valuable information with you.

The State's COP won a prestigious national award in 2021 from the National Association of State Personnel Executives, NASPE: Advancing the HR Profession Award - Arizona Developing HR Professionals Through Communities of Practice.

To attend an award winning COP, contact the CHRO/project lead to be invited to the next meeting:


COP Group Name Facilitator Contact Information
Class & Comp Eric Vaughn [email protected]
Employee Relations Rob Waddell [email protected]
  George McNeely [email protected]
FMLA/ADA Sky Mills [email protected]
  John Yerger [email protected]
Recruiting Wendy Brazier [email protected]
  Frankie Morin [email protected]
HR Operations Danielle Salomon [email protected]
  Char Hayes [email protected]
Learning & Development Colleen McManus [email protected]
TraCorp Admins Chris Wilcoxson [email protected]
Predictive Index Jacqueline Hill [email protected]