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Employee Surveys

Engagement Surveys:

The State of Arizona values having a highly engaged, productive workforce to further its goals and priorities in service to the citizens of Arizona.  Research shows that engagement increases when employees feel personally connected to and invested in advancing their agency's mission.  They are motivated when recognized by leaders and peers for a job well done, and they revel in opportunities in their organization.  ADOA annually conducts the statewide engagement survey and results are shared with the leadership teams.

Exit Surveys:

The Statewide Exit Survey is key in identifying areas where action can be taken to increase retention of valued employees.  Conducted anonymously whenever employees transfer out of State service or transfer between agencies, we gather data to determine who is leaving, where they are going, and most importantly, why?  The data is summarized in a dashboard format for leaders to view results for their entire agency, or "drill down" exit data by division, unit, age group, job title and years of service.   

Stay Surveys and Interviews:

A Stay Survey for employees is in use to gather information from new hires and employees who have transferred to new agencies.  Stay Surveys provide early indicators of disengagement and if indicators go unnoticed or without action, they can damage the health of our teams, culminating with a resignation.

Four brief surveys will be sent at 7, 45, 90 and 210 days to assess the employee's onboarding experience, including a welcome environment, proper tools and training to do their job, among other areas.  Each agency will receive their survey results via a dashboard the CHRO can access and run reports to gather pertinent information.

Stay Interviews have been incorporated into the 1:1 Coaching process with suggestions for discussion added to all of the 1:1 coaching outlines.  Every employee has the opportunity to bring up stay survey topics, career pathing and career goals on a regular basis during meetings with their leaders.