ADOA Policies and Forms

The following policies apply to employees of the Arizona Department of Administration. These policies and procedures replace earlier versions, which are no longer printed or distributed. The ADOA Director, or designee, reserves the right to modify, revoke, suspend, terminate or change any of the provisions of these policies and procedures, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice. These policies and procedures do not create rights or privileges for employees nor add duties or responsibilities for management. The failure of a supervisor to follow any procedure in these policies and procedures shall not create any rights for any subordinate employee. No contract of employment is created by these policies and procedures. Nothing in these policies changes the fact that all uncovered employees are at-will employees and serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority. State of Arizona employees who are covered are granted certain rights and responsibilities. However, no employee acquires employee rights in excess of, or in addition to those authorized under the State Personnel Rules or Arizona Revised Statutes. Nothing in these policies and procedures should be interpreted to conflict with Federal or State laws or rules. If a conflict is discovered, the appropriate laws or rules control.

State agencies may use these ADOA policies as templates in developing similar policies for their agency’s use. Please contact the Policy, Legislative and Audit Services Section (100 North 15th Avenue, Suite 301, Phoenix, Arizona 85007, 602.542.5482) to obtain an editable version of any of these documents.


ADOA General

Date Form/ Template Number
01/01/16 Smoke-Free Workplace Policy for ADOA-Owned and Managed Buildings and Fleet Management Vehicles PDF
06/01/18 Dress Code ADOA/HRD - PA1.01 PDF
12/06/21 Infant at Work Program ADOA/HRD - PA1.02 PDF

Recruitment, Selection & Appointment

Date Form/ Template Number
10/08/21 ADOA Workforce Planning Guide ADOA/HRD - FA3.01 PDF


Date Form/ Template Number
08/23/19 Training Payment ADOA/HRD - PA4.01 PDF
08/16/19 Tuition Reimbursement ADOA/HRD - PA4.02 PDF

Conditions of Employment

Date Form/ Template Number
01/25/22 Modified Duty ADOA/HRD - PA5.01 PDF
07/10/24 Conflict of Interest Policy (ADOA) ADOA/HRD - PA5.02 PDF
11/02/18 Alcohol and Drug-free Workplace - Drug and Alcohol Testing of Employees ADOA/HRD - PA5.03 PDF
08/09/21 Alternate Work Options ADOA/HRD - PA5.04 PDF


Date Form/ Template Number
01/26/22 Donation of Annual Leave ADOA/HRD - PA6.01 PDF
01/31/22 Payment of Annual Leave to a Non-Separating Employee ADOA/HRD - PA6.02 PDF
06/03/22 Leave - Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) ADOA/HRD - PA6.03 PDF


Date Form/ Template Number
10/12/12 Employee Complaint Process - Allegations of Unlawful Discrimination or Harassment ADOA/HRD - PA9.01 PDF

Covered Employees

Date Form/ Template Number
12/01/21 Covered Employee Grievance Process ADOA/HRD - PB4.01 PDF