On July 1, the ASRS will begin a new fiscal year – FY 2023-24. For members, this is always when new contribution rates go into effect. Starting July 1, 2023, the new total contribution rate will be 12

You can now access AZPerforms and RWA from one link in YES. Just click 'AZPerforms/Remote Work' on your left side menu.



The AZPerforms / RWA system will be offline Monday, May 8, 2023, from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM (Arizona Time).

We appreciate your patience.


AZPerforms/Remote Work Agreement Platform is back online!

If you have trouble logging in, please follow the steps below:

  1. Clear your cache and restart your computer BEFORE logging in.
  2. Log in

Learn about Deferred Compensation and how this important employee benefit can assist you in Saving for the Future. 

Virtual meetings will be held at various times throughout February, March and

Any existing additional dollar amounts an employee had chosen to be withheld will not be changed.

  • Beginning 12/31/22: Employees can change their tax withholding from the default 2.0% if they choose

Your Excess Annual Leave balances in YES will not be updated this upcoming pay period. Leave taken and/or accrued during the 12/10 - 12/23 pay period will NOT be reflected in the excess annual leave

Arizona tax rates have decreased and as a result, AZDOR has revised withholding percentages and is requiring taxpayers to complete a new Form A-4 for 2023. Due to this change, every employee is requir

Senate Bill 1828 (Laws 2021, Fifty-fifth Legislature, 1st Regular Session) amended the individual income tax withholding brackets. Arizona’s individual income tax rates were substantially reduced

AZPerforms was successfully upgraded and is now available. Please follow the steps below to log in:

  1. Clear your cache and restart your computer BEFORE logging in.
  2. Log in via YES. Select the Your