Proactively manage excess annual leave balances

September 20, 2023

State Personnel System (SPS) agency employees are expected to manage and use their excess annual leave balance to ensure they don’t lose it. For agencies, boards and commissions under the State Personnel System, the maximum number of annual leave hours an employee may carry over into a new calendar year is 320 hours for uncovered employees and 240 hours for covered employees.  Any hours in excess of the maximum carryover limits are subject to forfeiture with few exceptions.  Employees who use the pilot Paid Parental Leave (PPL) and / or expanded Family Sick Leave options AND anticipate excess annual leave hours should meet with their agency Human Resources to determine if they are eligible to request an exception.

It is important that employees closely manage their annual leave balances through the remainder of the year and schedule leave with their supervisor so that impacts on end of year coverage are minimal and carryover exception requests are significantly reduced. 

There should not be any expectation that unused excess leave will be approved for carryover, even if it has been approved in the past. Employees and managers can monitor annual leave balances by logging in to Y.E.S. and clicking on Leave Activity.