HRIS Power User Roles and Training

This page is for State of Arizona Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, and Administrative professionals seeking Power User access to the State's HRIS and HR Data Warehouse. Power User access will vary depending on the type of access (security role) needed. Review the HRIS security role/s below to determine which role/s are necessary to perform your job. Each security role has specific training and exam requirements. Training and exams must be completed in TraCorp, the State of Arizona employee learning portal.

First-time Power Users must complete the following prerequisites in TraCorp before taking the training and exams for the role(s) being requested.

  • HRIS Data Sharing and Non-Disclosure Agreement Acknowledgment
  • HRIS Security Policy Acknowledgement
  • HRIS Intro Course and Exam

Prerequisites can be found by searching "HRIS" in TraCorp.

Once prerequisites have been met requestors must complete and pass the defined HRIS training and exam (if applicable) for the security role(s) being requested.

After training has been completed work with your manager to complete the Power User Request Form and submit to your Agency Security Approver.  All requests for access must be signed and submitted by the Agency Security Approver, Agency Security Authority Delegate, or Agency Director. 


HRIS Power User Roles and Training

The resources provided below are for quick reference only. To gain access to a role, users must complete the required training for that role in TraCorp. To locate the proper training and exam for a role search the course id provided above.

Agency Absence Management Update and View


"UPDATE" Role: This role provides the ability to administer an agency's Donated Leave transactions, perform manual updates to absence plan balances, view absence plan balances, detailed event history and generate absence plan reports. 

"VIEW" Role: This role provides view access to absence plan balances, detailed event history and Donated Leave transactions. Role can generate absence plan reports.

Agency ETE Proxy Administrator