A.R.S. § 41-773. Causes for dismissal or discipline for employee in covered service
(L12, ch 321, sec. 117. Eff. 9/29/12)
A. Each of the following constitutes cause for discipline or dismissal of an employee in covered service:

  1. Fraud or misrepresentation in securing appointment.
  2. Incompetency.
  3. Inefficiency.
  4. Neglect of duty.
  5. Insubordination.
  6. Dishonesty.
  7. Being impaired by alcohol or drugs while on duty.
  8. Illegal use or illegal possession of a narcotic or habit-forming drug.
  9. Unauthorized absence or absence without leave.
  10. Commission of any crime classified as a felony or involving moral turpitude.
  11. Discourteous treatment of the public or other employees.
  12. Improper political activity.
  13. Willful disobedience.
  14. Misuse or unauthorized use of state property.

B. In addition to the causes prescribed by subsection A of this section, the director may establish other causes deemed necessary.

C. The director shall prescribe definitions for each of the causes for dismissal or discipline prescribed or established under this section that shall be used by covered employees and, as applicable, the state personnel board or the law enforcement merit system council in evaluating dismissals and disciplinary actions.