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Contact Shared Services

ADOA Human Resources Shared Services
100 North 15th Avenue, Suite 301
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Fax: 602-542-2796


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George McNeely

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) 480.688.4897 [email protected]

Gina Rodriguez

Shared Services Coordinator 602.542.4088 [email protected]
Adrean Hall Leave and Benefits Consultant 480.604.3587 [email protected]
Fatema Issa HR Systems Consultant 602.689.0177 [email protected]
ADOA Human Resources      
Char Hayes Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) 480.487.6568 [email protected]
Jennifer Burtlow Operations 602.469.8249 [email protected]
Christopher Langseth Recruitment 602.781.7032 [email protected]
Jessica Rascon Classification and Compensation 602.542.3114 [email protected]
TEAM B      
Nicole Baker Consultant 480.645.2005 [email protected]
Jennifer Flores Operations 480.316.4799 [email protected]
Shawn McConnell Recruitment 480.645.1762 [email protected]
Rachel Molina Classification and Compensation 602.708.7979 [email protected]
TEAM C      
Stella Cunningham Consultant 480.356.3117 [email protected]
Nickie Schultz Operations 480.276.2903 [email protected]
Brian Westerberg Recruitment 602.799.7547 [email protected]
Limni Varela Classification and Compensation 602.653.0218 [email protected]