Supervisor Courses

Pursuant to ARS § 41-743, the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA ) is responsible for providing mandatory personnel management training for all State employees with supervisor or managerial responsibility.  The following courses are required to be completed within six months of hire or promotion to a position with supervisor or management responsibilities along with the New Hire courses.

Abbreviations used: Computer Based Training(CBT), Instructor Lead Training(ILT)

ADMAP4NS (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

MAP 1 for New Supervisors
(Required for Supervisors) This course provides an introduction to the State's new performance management system, Managing Accountability and Performance (MAP). This course is a condensed version of the former MAP course and is required training for all supervisors within the first six months of hire or promotion. 

LAW1002 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Fair Employment Practices
(Required for Supervisors) This course covers fair employment practices as described by Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws and statutes.

LAW1003 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
(Required for Supervisors) This course covers the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) including who is covered and basic provisions.

LAW1004 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
(Required for Supervisors) This course covers the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) including key components, who is covered, how it is applied, and the legal implications for FLSA violations. 

LAW1005 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Diversity and Cultural Competency in the Workplace
(Required for Supervisors) Become familiar with diversity and cultural competency with an expected outcome of value. This course identifies best practices to maximize the benefits of a diverse workplace.

LAW1006 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Preventing Inappropriate Behavior and Workplace Harassment
(Required for Supervisors) This course describes different types of harassment, prevention strategies, and actions for supervisors and managers to take in cases of harassment or inappropriate workplace behavior.

Note: Law1006 is not the same course as LAW1006EMP.  Law1006EMP is required to be completed annually by all State Employees.

LAW1007 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
(Required for Supervisors) This course covers the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) including employment, who is covered, benefits, and employer obligations.

LDR3000 (ILT, est. 4 hours)

Supervisor Technical Training
(Required for Supervisors) This classroom training is led by attorneys from the Office of the Attorney General.  During the class you learn about the principles and practices prescribed by federal and state law; how to avoid harassment, discrimination and retaliation claims; the importance of performance management; and how to differentiate among categories of State employees and their protections under the law and State Personnel System Rules. 

LDR3001 (Exam, est. 15 minutes)

Supervisor Technical Training Exam
(Required for Supervisors) After supervisors complete LDR3000, they will be automatically enrolled into LDR3001 which is the required exam for all State supervisors. 

MGT1000 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Introduction to Supervision
(Required for Supervisors) This course is an introduction to the Supervisor Academy. It provides a practical definition of supervision. It also overviews high level supervisor roles and describes courses in the Academy.

MGT1001 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Filling Vacancies
(Required for Supervisors) This course describes the steps to begin the hiring process as well as recruitment strategies and subsequent job advertising.

MGT1002 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Interviewing and Selection
(Required for Supervisors) This course describes the final steps in the hiring process including designing assessments, developing interview questions, conducting interviews, selecting the best candidates, checking references, verifying credentials, and making an offer.

MGT1003 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

On-boarding New Employees
(Required for Supervisors) This course covers new hire processing, including providing a welcoming work environment, establishing expectations, completing appropriate paperwork, and required new hire training.

MGT1004 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Managing Performance
(Required for Supervisors) This course describes performance management principles and an overview of the performance planning process.

MGT1005 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Day-to-Day Supervision
(Required for Supervisors) This course describes managing work and includes scheduling tasks, assigning and delegating, monitoring work, and dealing with deadlines. The course also covers the importance of communication and dealing with challenging employee issues.

MGT1006 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Corrective and Disciplinary Action
(Required for Supervisors) This course covers the supervisor's roles and responsibilities in dealing with inappropriate behavior, employee infractions, violations of work expectations, and administering corrective and disciplinary actions.

MGT1007 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Off-boarding Employees
(Required for Supervisors) This course covers how to separate an employee including utilizing a separation checklist and dealing with employee benefits.