Workplace Practices

Abbreviations used: Computer Based Training(CBT), Instructor Lead Training(ILT)

LAW1000 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Standards of Conduct for State Employees
This course is statutorily required training for all State employees within six months of hire. The course offers fourteen mandated topics using scenarios, questions, and statements to engage the employee.

LAW1005 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Diversity and Cultural Competency in the Workplace
(Required for Supervisors) Become familiar with diversity and cultural competency with an expected outcome of value. This course identifies best practices to maximize the benefits of a diverse workplace.

LAW1006 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Preventing Inappropriate Behavior and Workplace Harassment
(Required for Supervisors) This course describes different types of harassment, prevention strategies, and actions for supervisors and managers to take in cases of harassment or inappropriate workplace behavior.

Note: Law1006 is not the same course as LAW1006EMP.  Law1006EMP is required to be completed annually by all State Employees.

SAF1060 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Office Safety and Ergonomics
Explore the major causes of workplace accidents and how to prevent them. You will learn how to determine and print out an ergonomic evaluation of your office.