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Employment & Income Verification

Information for Verifiers

The State of Arizona uses "The Work Number" to provide automated employment and income verification for our employees.

Before you can access employment or income verification information, you must register with "The Work Number" at 1-800-996-7566. Registration is a one-time process and takes approximately 5 minutes.*
Once you have registered, you have two options to obtain employment and/or income verification information instantly.

  • Commercial Company Verifiers

Phone:  1-800-367-5690


  • Social Service Agencies (public sector organizations offering social service benefit programs) 

Phone:  1-800-660-3399


Note: verifications will be faxed to a number established during the registration process outlined above.

To Obtain Proof of Employment or Income Verification

  • Contact "The Work Number" by using one of the above options.
  • Follow the prompted instructions.
  • Provide the following information:
    • The State of Arizona Employer Code:  10553
    • Employee’s Social Security Number provided by the employee.

* After using "The Work Number", if you feel there is insufficient value in the online access service, you may send your verification request on letterhead by fax to the Arizona Department of Administration, (602) 542-2796, where it will be completed or redirected to the correct State Department for completion.

Employment and Income Verification Q&As

What is “The Work Number”?

"The Work Number" is an employment and income verification service provided by the TALX Corporation. The service provides online and/or phone verifications to organizations requesting employment and income information for State of Arizona employees.

Why is the State of Arizona using “The Work Number” to provide automated employment and/or income verifications?

With over 38,000 employees, the State of Arizona receives approximately 12,000 employment and/or income verification requests annually. "The Work Number" will save time by providing verifiers with immediate, on-line, convenient access to information that is accurate and secure.

"The Work Number" assures information authorized by the State of Arizona is provided. In addition, that information is presented in a consistent format with appropriate disclaimers and data explanations.

What information will be provided by "The Work Number"?

"The Work Number" provides employee name, agency, employment status, original hire date, most recent hire date, job title, hourly rate of pay, and up to three years of total annual income information. Income information is broken out by base salary, overtime, bonus, and other pay.

Who can use "The Work Number"?

Any lending institution, government social service agency, property manager or other business that needs to verify employment and/or income of an employee is considered a verifier and may use "The Work Number".

What types of verifications will NOT be provided by "The Work Number"?

Requests for employment or income verification received directly from employees will NOT be provided through "The Work Number". Employees may obtain that information from YES or through their agency Human Resources office.

Requests for an employee’s manager’s name, job performance, or any information other than employment or income will NOT be provided through "The Work Number".

How will "The Work Number" benefit State of Arizona  employees?

Employees will receive the benefit of quick turnaround service for verifiers since "The Work Number" can be used by verifiers anytime, anywhere -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- online or by phone.

"The Work Number" conducts a verifier qualification process when verifiers first register to use "The Work Number" and requires the verifier to identify a legitimate purpose for each verification request.  These measures are designed to disclose employee information to verifiers with a legitimate need for the data.