First-Time Users of Y.E.S.

For issues or help with accessing your Y.E.S. account, contact the ADOA HRIS Service Desk at (602) 542-4700 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.  

The information provided in this page is for new employees who did not receive their Y.E.S. Welcome email and need instructions on how to access their Y.E.S. account for the first time. 

If you are a new employee and did NOT receive your welcome email you must notify your HR department. This indicates there is a problem with your email on file which will impact your ability to receive important system notifications.

Employees that received the Y.E.S. Welcome email BUT need further assistance please contact the agency’s HR department or the HR Systems Service desk at (602) 542-4700 or [email protected] .

To access your Y.E.S. account for the first time, you will need to request a temporary password using the online password reset tool or automated password reset system at (602) 542-4700, option 1. To complete this process you will need the following details: 

  • Your State of Arizona Employee Identification Number (EIN)
  • Your Last 4 SSN
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Last Name 

Step 1 - Initiate a Temporary Password

Once your temporary password has been requested you will receive an email notification with instructions on next steps. 

Step 2 - Check Your Email 

  • Open the email from [email protected]  
  • Go to
  • Click the Y.E.S. Login button
  • Enter your User Id . This is your Employee Identification Number (EIN) followed by
  • Enter your temporary password .
  • Click Sign In

Once you have logged in with the temporary password, the system will prompt you to create a new password. 

Step 3 - Create a New Password

  • Re-enter your User Id
  • Re-enter your Temporary Password  
  • Create your New Password  
  • Click Submit 

Once you have created a new password the system will take you back to the login page. 

Step 4 - Log-in with your New Password

  • Enter your User Id  
  • Enter your New Password  
  • Click Sign In

When you first arrive in Y.E.S. your menu may be hiding. To open the menu click on the waffle to display the full sidebar menu:

shows waffle on top left of photo next to menu

Use the arrows to expand and collapse menus

shows carrots and indicates to use the carrots to open and close the menus

Use the ( + ) sign to display the sub menus

shows the + and - sign and indicates to click on these signs to open or close the sub menus

Gaining Access to Employee Time Entry (ETE) 

If your agency utilizes E.T.E. in Y.E.S. for time entry, please read the following section. 

The State of Arizona uses the Employee Time Entry “ETE” system for tracking and coding hours worked. Employees in agencies that utilize the ETE system complete their time cards every two weeks. ETE is located in Y.E.S.; however, you will not see the E.T.E. menu until you have completed the required training in TraCorp , the State’s employee learning portal. Required training includes: 

New Employees - All Agencies Except DES

  • Course Name: ETE Employee Time Entry
  • Course ID: HRIS0063 

DES New Employees

  • Course Name: ETE Templates for Employees
  • Course ID: HRIS0065

Supervisors and ETE Proxies - All Agencies  

  • Course Name: ETE for Supervisors and Proxies
  • Course Id: HRIS0064

Please allow up to 24 hours for the ETE menu to display in Y.E.S. once you have completed the required training. 


Benefits Enrollment

If you are a benefits-eligible employee, please read the following section.

  • Selecting Benefits
    • Begin by visiting our new hire page on There, you will find complete information on our benefit plans and rates in the Active Enrollment Guide. 
  • Enrollment Deadline - 31 Days
    • Enrollment must be completed within 31 days of your hire date, or you will have to wait until the next open enrollment or qualified life event. For spouses and dependents, view the qualifications and documentation requirements on the eligibility page. Benefits are effective on the first day of the first pay period after the completion of the enrollment process. See the statewide payroll calendar.
  • How to Enroll
    • Visit > YES Portal> Login.
    • On the left navigation, click Bookmarks> Your Employee Services> Benefits> New Hire Enrollment


Update Tax Information

Within Y.E.S. you can view and update your Federal and State tax withholdings following the instructions below.

For Federal Tax Withholding

Step 1) Review resources at or consult your tax advisor

Step 2) On left side, click Your Employee Services > Pay > Tax Withholding

Step 3) Select the icon to the left of “Federal Withholding”

For State Tax Withholding

Step 1) Review resources at or consult your tax advisor

Step 2) On left side, click Your Employee Services > Pay > Tax Withholding

Step 3) Select the icon to the left of “AZ State W/H Tax”

Update Direct Deposit

Within Y.E.S. you can view and update your direct deposit information. 

  • Step 1) Review the Self-Service Direct Deposit Guide
  • Step 2) Ensure you have a check or letter from your bank with the direct deposit routing number and account number
  • Step 3) On left side, click Your Employee Services > Pay > Direct Deposit

Personal Contact information

Please ensure your personal contact information and emergency contact information is always up-to-date in Y.E.S.

To update your personal email address and other important contact information go to: Your Employee Services > Personal Information > Contact Information. 

To update your emergency contacts go to: Your Employee Services > Personal Information > Emergency Contacts.