Employee Development

Abbreviations used: Computer Based Training(CBT), Instructor Lead Training(ILT)

COM2000 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Listening and Communicating
The ability to communicate successfully – to speak, write and listen expertly will help you gain greater professional recognition and will enable you to achieve powerful results. Overcome barriers to good listening by learning to increase your active listening skills.

COM2011 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Providing Quality Customer Service
This program explains the cycle of service, Moments of Truth, and service recovery when interacting with your customer.

COM3000 (CBT, est. 30 minutes)

Communicating Through Writing
This course describes the six steps of a writing process and discusses implications of public records law for written documents and email. Employees taking this course are required to create and submit for grade a memo discussing money saving ideas for their section or division.

PRD1020 (CBT, est. 60 minutes)

Managing Time
If you are doing more and enjoying it less, it’s time to make real choices about how and where to spend your time. This course provides the tools to find balance, achieve your goals, and be more effective and productive.