Agency Abbreviations

Agency ID
   Agency Name
AB Accountancy Board
AC Boxing Commission
AD Administration, Dept of
AE Radiation Regulatory Agency
AF Affirmative Action
AG Attorney General
AH Agriculture, Dept of
AN Acupuncture Board
AP Appraisal Board
AT Auto Theft Prevention
AU Auditor General
BB Barber Examiners Board
BD Financial Institutions, Dept of
BF Fingerprinting, Board of
BH Behavioral Health, Board of
BN Nursing, State Board of
BR Regents, Board of
CB Cosmetology Board
CC Corporation Commission
CE Chiropractic Examiners Board
CL Coliseum And Exposition
CM Community College Board
CO Court Of Appeals Div I
CS Charter Schools, State Board of
CT Court Of Appeals Div II
DC Corrections, Dept of
DE Economic Security, Dept Of
DF Deaf & Hard of Hrng, Commission
DI Disease Control Research Com
DJ Juvenile Corrections, Dept of
DO Dispensing Opticians Board
DT Transportation, Dept of
DX Board Of Dental Examiners
EC Clean Elections Commission
ED Education, Dept of
EP Commerce, Dept of
EQ Equalization Board
EV Environmental Quality, Dept of
FD Funeral Dir & Embalmers
GF Game And Fish Dept
GH Highway Safety, Office of
GM Gaming, Dept of
GS Geological Survey
GT Gov't Info Technology Agency
GV Governor's Office
HD Housing, Dept of
HE Homeopathic Med Examiners
HG Admin. Hearings, Office of
HI Historical Society
HL AZ Office of Homeland Security
HO House Of Representatives
HS Health Services, Dept of
HU Arts Commission
IA Indian Affairs Commission
IB Ind Comm Review Board
IC Industrial Commission
ID Insurance Dept
JC Criminal Justice Commission
JL Joint Legis Budget Comm
LA Library, Archives & Pub Rec
LC Legislative Council
LD Land Department
LL Liquor Licenses Dept
LO Lottery Commission
LW Law Enforcement/Merit System
MA Military Affairs
ME Medical Examiners Board
MI Mine Inspector
MM Building And Fire Safety
MN Mineral Resources Dept
NB Naturopathic Board
NC Nursing Care Exam Board
NS Navigable Stream Adjudcn Comm
OB Optometry Board
OS Osteopathic Examiners Board
OT Occupational Therapy Exam Bd
PA State Power Authority
PB Personnel Board
PE Postsecondary Education Comm
PH Prescott Historical Society
PI Pioneers Home
PM Pharmacy Board
PO Podiatry Examiners Board
PP Executive Clemency, Board of
PR State Parks
PS Public Safety, Dept of
PT Phys Therapy Exam Board
PV Priv. Postsecondary Educ.
RB Respiratory Care Examers Board
RC Racing, Dept of
RD Redistricting Commission
RE Real Estate, Dept of
RG Registrar Of Contractors
RT Retirement System
RV Revenue, Dept of
SB Structural Pest Control Board
SD Deaf And Blind, School for the
SF School Capital Facilities Bd
SN Senate
SP Supreme Court
ST Secretary Of State
SY Psychologist Exam Board
TE Technical Registration Board
TO Tourism, Office of
TR State Treasurer
TX Tax Appeals Board
UL Uniform State Laws Comm
UO Res. Util. Consumer Off.
VS Veterans Service Comm
VT Veterinary Medical Exam Board
WC Water Resources
WF Water Infrastructure Fin Auth
WM Weights And Measures, Dept of